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Saturday, June 5.

Meet Leland

I was born in Dallas and raised right here in District 13, and this is where I decided to raise my family. Our community is not just where I live – it’s a part of me. I grew up on Southbrook Drive near Inwood Road, and today I live just a mile from my childhood home.

I’ve built a lifetime of memories in our community. I rode my bike to my first job stocking shelves at the Skillern’s drugstore on Lovers Lane. As a kid I watched movies at the Inwood Theater, attended Sunday School at Temple Emanu-El, and played baseball and soccer at the Town North Y. My three children Tori, Cameron, and Andrew played sports at the same Y!

I have spent 35 years as a businessman and community volunteer. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with neighborhoods, city employees, and business leaders to bring about positive change and growth. As our city navigates the challenges of COVID recovery and beyond, experience is important. With my love of the city and my background as an entrepreneur and businessman, I will make the right decisions to protect our neighborhoods, our local economy, and the Dallas way of life we know and love.

My Story

Good city government starts with the basics: safe neighborhoods, smooth streets, high quality parks and public spaces, and a City Hall that is responsive to the needs of our citizens. We can’t reach our fullest potential until we get the basics right.

For the past eight years, our community has been well-served at City Hall but due to term limits we will elect a new leader in May 2021. As a lifelong resident of this community, a proven businessman who has led my own business through tough economic times, and as a committed civic leader – I’m prepared to continue a legacy of strong leadership from our community.

Please take a few minutes to review my experience and my position on the critical issues facing our city. If you agree that we need an experienced leader with a deep understanding our community, I’d be honored to have your support.



With 35 years as a successful businessman, Leland is the founder of his own real estate investment firm and has grown a real estate portfolio with assets throughout DFW and other Texas markets.

Budget Experience

Because of his background in finance, real estate and complex budgets and regulations, Leland will hit the ground running to keep taxes low while protecting basic services, oversee a $3 billion-plus city budget and meet the many challenges facing our city. He’ll put his conservative business perspective, vision and acumen to work to recruit new business to Dallas, promote economic development and fight against nonessential spending and giveaways.

Civic Leadership

Appointed by Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates to serve on the Northwest Highway and Preston Road Area Plan Advisory Task Force, Leland worked to establish a community vision that promotes smart development of this core neighborhood while protecting quality of life for nearby homeowners. Leland has also served as an executive officer on the Oak Lawn Committee, helping to develop a smart, balanced approach to growth that preserves quality of life in one of our city’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Finance Expert

An expert in finance, Leland co-founded First Independent National Bank. He successfully managed his real estate and banking businesses through financial downturns in the 1990s and 2000s, and he’s gained critical knowledge and experience successfully managing multi-million-dollar budgets that he can use at City Hall to make important decisions in a COVID economy and beyond. With a $3 billion annual budget and critical funding challenges ahead, the City of Dallas needs financial expertise on the council now more than ever.

Crime Watch Leader

As President of the Preston Hollow Patrol Association, Leland has worked alongside Dallas Police on strategies to reduce crime in our neighborhoods. As our councilmember, he’ll be a strong partner with law enforcement, and he’ll support funding police along with new community-based strategies to fight crime. As an active Steering Committee Member for years and a recent appointee to the Board of Trustees of Safer Dallas Better Dallas, Leland has been a champion of law enforcement and safe neighborhoods, schools, and businesses.

Neighborhood Leader

As President of the Inwood-Northwest Homeowners Association, Leland leads the association’s goals to help homeowners preserve the quality and character of the neighborhoods by opposing intrusive zoning cases and protecting the character of our community.

Coalition Builder

Skilled in complex business transactions, Leland has a successful track record collaborating with city government, neighborhood stakeholders, and the business community to work together and get projects done.

City Appointee

Appointed by Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates to serve as a Commissioner on the Arts & Culture Advisory Commission in the City of Dallas, Leland has advocated for thoughtful and pragmatic stewardship of City Bond funds and our tax dollars, while helping to protect and nurture art and culture throughout our city.

Volunteer Leader

Valued for his business acumen, Leland serves on prestigious boards, including the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Foundation Board of Trustees, the Dallas Opera Board of Directors, the Dallas Museum of Art Board of Trustees, and the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation Board of Directors.

Lifelong Resident

Leland is a family man and has lived his entire life in District 13. His knowledge of our community is unparalleled. As our councilmember he will be committed to making smart, neighborhood-focused decisions that protect our homeowners and small businesses and enhance our quality of life for years to come.


Great cities start with great basic services. As our councilmember, Leland will focus on improving basics that impact our everyday lives.

Please join the growing list of neighborhood and business leaders across District 13 who support Leland Burk For City Council.

Carol & Steve Aaron
Dawn & Todd Aaron
Karen & Mike Ablon
Bobby Abtahi
Marc Andres
Roxan Anderes
Tony Andujar
Marguirette Lobello Archer
Tim Axilrod
Roy Bailey
Marla H. Bane
Gilian & Steve Baron
Ken Barth
Susan & Evan Bates
Evan L. Beattie
Amanda & Scott Beck
Janet & Jeff Beck
Joel Behrens
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Michael L. Benson
John Berger
Eric Berlin
Gail & Ron Berlin
Lindsay & George Billingsley
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Cindy & Robert Birne
Albert C. Black, Jr.
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Alma Box
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Chantel & Daniel Bright
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James Buddrus
Ann & Brad Bulkley
Dianne & Stuart Bumpas
Andrew Burk
Cameron Burk
Larry Burk
Tori Burk
David Cagle
Jan Calloway
Hon. John Carona
Taine & Bob Carrozza
Barbara & Kevin Carter
Cindy & Julian Carter
Lucinda & Lyne Carter
D. Kent Casey
Felipe Castillo
Sue & Tom Chambers
Raja Chaudhry
Jeanne Chvosta
Carole S. Cohen
Tom Collier
Stephen & Linda Collins
Emily & David Corrigan
Laurie & Charlie Corson
Pat Cotton
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Juliette & Ross Coulter
Carrie Ryan Crosland
Luke Crosland
Harlan R. Crow
Rex Cumming
Ann & Dennis D’Amico
Al Daniels
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Pamela & Mark Denesuk
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Subie & John Hazelton
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Marguerite Hoffman
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Dena & Mike Horowitz
Hon. Angela Hunt
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Lori & Hon. Randall Isenberg
Meaghan Kroener Janson
Sandra Johnigan
Marietta Scurry Johnson
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Hon. Janet & Terry Kafka
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Jennifer & Tom Karol
Dorothy Jane Kassanoff
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